Robots Are Flexing Stronger, More Flexible ‘Muscles’


Humanoid robots like Sophia, allowed citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and Atlas, which reverse somersaults like a manager, are unbending, solid and rather cumbersome. They’re made to appear as though us; they’re not composed after us. Be that as it may, specialists are endeavoring to give robots a gentler touch without losing quality.

A Tractor Beam for Human Levitation?


Light as a plume, firm as a board: It’s a diversion you may have played growing up, tensely rehashing the expression in the expectations that your companion would begin suspending. On account of new research distributed Monday in Physical Review Letters you may have an elective intends to lift you and your companions’ other than fingertips and witchcraft.

New App Lets You Invent A Language for Science


Telephone applications frequently get negative criticism for being diverting time-wasters (I’m taking a gander at you, Reddit), yet some look to challenge the brains of their clients and put the subsequent information to great utilize. Also, perhaps even design another dialect all the while.

Google Calendar Adds ‘Out of Office’ Entry Type, Lets You Restrict Your Working Hours

Google Calendar has gotten another ‘Out of office’ section write and an alternative to modify working hours to enable you to better harmony between your work and individual time. The most recent increments come over multi month after Google reported its Digital Wellbeing activity at I/O 2018 to let clients naturally control gadget enslavement. Later on, the inquiry mammoth is in plans to send man-made reasoning (AI) to empower the Calendar application to change the section write consequently by considering the question and title entered.